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Reframe Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Welcome to Reframe Hypnotherapy and Counselling

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Welcome to Reframe Hypnotherapy and Counselling

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About Us


Reframing the way you think about life

It's a crazy world out there.  Sometimes we just need to refocus our internal resources to get back on track.   Whether you are young or older we all need a little guidance to find that path we are supposed to be on.  

Our therapists are qualified and available to provide guidance, coaching and just an active listening ear.Our hypnotherapist and counsellors provide modern approaches to therapy 

We use hypnotherapy as a key modality in Anxiety Disorders; Phobias; Stop Smoking; Addictions.

We have a special  research interest in past life regression for those that are interested in exploring something more exciting.  

Our Practice encourages inclusive therapy as a counselling technique.


Our Services

Anxiety; Fear; and Phobia

Stop Smoking



Life Coaching (mid life / relationship / career)

Youth Life Coaching Program

Dealing with Mid Life and beyond



Past Life Regression


Youth and Young Adult Life Coaching

We recognise a strong need for young people to connect with others who are struggling to find their niche in life.  We use a combined Group therapy and individualised counselling process to assist these wonderful future leaders to explore their life dreams, remove the barriers to achievement and to get on the road to success at their own pace.  We believe that everyone has the internal resources to make things happen in a positive way ... sometimes we just need a bit of guidance to get there.

Hypotherapy - FAQs

What Is It?

Hypnosis is an increased state of awareness .  

Will I know what is happening?

Absolutely - because you awareness is more acute you will know exactly what is happening.  

How long is the session?

First Sessions tend to be a bit longer - but usually 60 minutes.

Wil I remember?

Yes you will know and remember what happens in trance.  After the hypnosis your and your therapist will debrief the session.

Can everyone be hynotised?

Pretty much.  Hypnosis is not the only therapy we use and really whatever your presenting issue is and what you are comfortable with will determine how we proceed.  

More questions?

Call or send us an email - forms on this website for easy access.

Dealing wth Midlfe and beyond

Mid Life

We all reach a point in our psychosexual development where we start to ask questions about how our lives have turned out, the impact of our decisions and the value of our relationships.  This can happen at any age but we especially see a high frequency of clients around 40-70 years of age.

You are not alone

Our mid life groups come together once a month to discuss and offer support to each other.  We also see these same clients on a one-on-one basis for personal debriefs and counselling sessions.  


Every six months we run a retreat for women and men (separately) based on their psychosexual journey.  These are advertised on this site and are limited to 12 participants per retreat.

Next Women's Group Intake

Our next Women's group will begin in August.  We are calling this the ` `Heroine's journey - a natural search for Self".

If you would like to be part of this new group get in touch with Rose on 0412773429 and discuss the details.

Youth Life Coachng Program

Why Do It?

Our Youth Life Coaching Program gives young people an opportunity to discuss and recieve coaching on planning their future goals whether its career, study or relationships.

Our team works on the basic philosophy that all of us have emotional and innate resources that we can draw on to solve our own issues.  Sometimes the access to those resources is lost through the confusion of everyday living.

The Program provides a road map and the ability to begin to articulate and plan their future goals.

Benefit to Participants

For young people this Program offers an opportunity to establish a path to their desired future and to plot the many options they have available to them in reaching that life goal.

At times, teens and young adults are so overwhelmed by their environment that they appear confused or lost.  If this sounds like you - then this is the program for you.

Benefit to Parents

For parents this is an opportunity to help your teenager or young adult to refocus on their potential and deal with the issues that may be diverting their attention from a healthy and constructive future.

We believe parents are the best guide for young people but at times getting there needs alittle help from someone that is empathetic but who also provides objective guidance.

The Program in a nutshell

The Program is a 12 month Program with a mix of 6 group therapy sessions and 6 one-on-one coaching sessions.  Participants recieve a workbook to plan actions, desired changes and goals.

We teach goals setting, mindfulness, mediation and deal with any individual issues in one on one sessions.

Call us for a confidential chat.

Reading List

Why a Reading List?

Sometimes there is a book that resonates with you, where you are at right now and we certainly encourage our clients to read - if not whole books then passages or sections that boost their self healing..

Women seeking life stage meaning

The Heroines Journey by Maureen Murdock (Pub 1990)

Spirit Heals by Meredith L Young-Sowerrs (Pub 2007)

The Search For The Beloved by Jean Houston (Pub 1987)

Men seeking life stage meaning

Passages in Men's Lives.: New Directions for Men at Midlife by Gail Sheehy (Pub 1998)


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To discuss your needs call one of our Senior Therapists for a no obligation discussion.  

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